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Proudly Working with the British Columbia First Nations Community


As the counsellor and therapist of Mourning’s Dawn Counselling, I am proud to work with members of the First Nations community throughout British Columbia. I continue to provide outreach to reserves, offering one-on-one counselling, special group therapy including specialized staff development and community-supported wellness projects. 


In my 20 years of working in British Columbia and hundreds of sessions with First Nations Peoples, I have been witness to the pain and suffering on reserves and in communities that comes from unresolved historical trauma and grief. In 2005-2006, I created the Iceberg of Loss an education tool that I hoped would help First Nation clients understand the impact of generational trauma and loss on their communities. I offer this tool as a visual representation of the past traumas to assist communities that are struggling to see that many of the issues they face stem from the past and that healing is possible. I have included a link to a talk I gave about the iceberg for greater understanding. I am also available for workshops and presentations geared to your specific communities to help you find your own answers and solutions. 


Take a look at the video to learn more .


Call or send an email to learn more about First Nations support.

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