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Experienced Counsellor and Therapist in British Columbia


Joelle McKiernan MSW, RSW, CCC

Joelle McKiernan has been in private practice since 2001 in British Columbia. In her practice, she is privileged to have many contracts (Victims of Crime Program, EAP’s, Health Canada and extended Health Benefits) while also working in  first nation communities to assist front line staff and members in dealing with trauma, grief and loss.  Because of the intensity of her work she knows and understands, from firsthand knowledge and experience, the personal impact of working with traumatized and vulnerable people.  


She uses a wide variety of approaches depending on the issues you present and how you wish to resolve them. She has certificates in Expressive Play Therapy and Family Mediation from the Justice Institute of BC. She is a sessional instructor at UNBC (Terrace Campus) in the School of Social Work, teaching communications, crisis intervention and grief and loss courses.


“I work a lot with grief, loss and bereavement because I find many issues such as substance abuse, anger, stress and even violence stems from long-standing, unresolved grief and loss issues that were never acknowledged or processed. I also work on issues related to self-esteem and empowerment so you can help yourself heal.”


My slogan is “Let’s start the healing together.”


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